Precision Aircraft Solutions (Precision) today announced the award of a contract from AerSale® [NASDAQ: ASLE] for six (6) additional 757-200PCF conversions plus four options, bringing the total number of potential commitments to sixteen (16). AerSale began converting their first 757-200PCF in January 2021, and the 6th unit will be inducted in February 2022. Later this year, AerSale will begin inducting additional 757-200 conversions in HAECO Xiamen to supplement existing capacity in North America.

Gary Warner, President of Precision Aircraft Solutions, said “Precision is pleased to work with AerSale for these additional 757-200PCF conversions. We value the ongoing business from AerSale, and the 757-200PCF continues to be a reliable and efficient workhorse for e- commerce and general cargo customers. Precision has substantially increased production capacity for both A321 and 757 conversion programs to meet the unprecedented demand.”

Nick Finazzo, AerSale’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer added, “Our partnership with Precision addresses capacity contraints of freighter aircraft in the market. Through our collective work, we are able to provide timely relief to the supply chain through converted B757-200 aircraft by leveraging our access to the necessary expertise, feedstock of aircraft and precision conversion kits. Our relationship with Precision is critical to our efforts, a