• Currently, the airline has 6 737 MAX aircraft which have more than 14,500 flying hours.
• The aircraft will resume operations on domestic flights, serving first the Mexico City - Cancun route.

Mexico City, December 18, 2020.- On November 18, 2020, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft certification for its return to commercial service.

Aeromexico has coordinated with Boeing and the Federal Civil Aviation Agency of Mexico (AFAC), all the necessary procedures and tests to add these aircraft into operations.

In adherence to the requirements established by the corresponding authorities and Boeing, the pilots have completed the training to fly this aircraft since it had modifications mainly in its operating system.

The Boeing 737 MAX is highly efficient compared to other generation models. It reduces fuel consumption by approximately 14% per seat; registers almost 15% less in CO2 emissions, and minimizes up to 40% in noise footprint; enables the aircraft to have a range of around 20% more, and its operating cost is almost 10% less compared to other models.

Captain Pablo Aram Aznavurian Roure, Vicepresident of Flight Operations of Grupo Aeromexico, added: “As a pilot and Grupo Aeromexico representative, I am very proud to welcome back into our operations one of the most efficient, modern, less polluting and safest aircraft in the world. Our pilots, technicians and all airline employees are ready to fly, and we appreciate the detailed assessments that AFAC has carried out to guarantee the safety and strict compliance with all the requirements”.

Aeromexico will resume operations of this aircraft on the Mexico City-Cancun route, and gradually add other destinations such as Guadalajara, Monterrey, and Tijuana aligned with the airline's network planning strategy.

The carrier reiterates that the safety of customers and employees will continue to be its most important value.