Andrés Conesa, Director General of Aeromexico, has advised that the airline is evaluating the purchase of new aircraft for short range and regional flights, and the choice is between Bombardier or Embraer aircraft.

Conesa said that the decision to make the purchase will be made in the first half of the year and if the purchase goes ahead the aircraft will be used for regional domestic flights and for some international destinations in Central America. The Director General of Aeromexico added that, regardless of whether or not this particular purchase proceeds, at the end of the year the airline will have 135 aircraft, which will be a 3% growth in the size of its fleet.

The first Aeromexico Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft, one of the most modern aircraft in the world, was delivered last Friday from Boeing’s manufacturing plant in Seattle Washington, to Mexico. This aircraft marks a milestone in the aviation of the country, as it is the first of an historic order signed in 2012 by Aeromexico to Boeing for a total of 100 aircraft.

This aircraft is the first of 5 that will be delivered to the airline in 2018. In 2019, twelve more aircraft will be delivered, all Boeing 737 MAX9 with 181 seats.

During the official presentation with business partners, operators, travel agents and press in the airline’s hangar at Mexico City’s international airport, Andrés Conesa stressed that Aeromexico is one of the first airlines in the world to operate this aircraft model; this model has only been made available to the market in the last twelve months and already it is in the airline’s fleet.

Conesa described the advantages of this aircraft. It is configured for 166 seats (16 in premier class, 18 in AM Plus and 132 in economy class). It includes Boeing’s “Sky Interior” dynamic lighting which is another of the most innovative elements of the Boeing 737 MAX 8, providing a warm environment and a feeling of greater comfort in the cabin. The executive said that this plane is also environmentally friendly with CO2 emissions reduced by 14 percent.

The 737 MAX 8 is designed for fuel efficiency, with a lighter structure that extends its range up to 5,900 kilometres, and it has the most advanced engine, the LEAP-1B manufactured by CFM International.

The executive stressed that the new aircraft will be operating short and medium-range flights. From Mexico City it will fly international routes to New York, Lima and Bogota.