Aeroji GmbH announces Halftime for the initiated beta testing phase. Even so, all interested aviation professionals are welcome to join and contribute to tailor the platform accordingly.

Starting Thursday, March 04, 2021 the beta testing phase of the Aeroji marketing module is accessible and in operational mode since three month, reaching the second big company milestone after the launch in December. Within the first half of the Beta phase the Aeroji Team additionally secured MTU Maintenance Lease Services B.V. and British Airways as Beta users. The platform itself is continuously improving, also according to valuable feedbacks of the current beta users. It shows that customer feedback is taken seriously, highly appreciated and welcomed with open arms.

Apart from minor bug fixes and performance enhancements the testing phase is not only used to implement new and tailormade features and functionalities but also lets beta users explore a new digitized approach of searching, assessing, trading, networking and more. Additionally, Aeroji started holding Webinars in order to guide the user through the platform and offer a glance in future functionalities.

“We are convinced that Beta users are part of the success equation and therefore need to know exactly what we are currently working on and how to use newly set up features, which will be beneficial for their daily business. We are continuously developing the platform and webinars are the best way to communicate with the users directly in order to receive quick and honest feedback regarding our developments. In principle we cherish the dialogue and the results out of it over than just presenting a product without customer proximity”, says Dimitri Martel, Co-Founder and managing director of Aeroji.

In December 2020 the Aeroji introduced a playground phase for all beta users to explore the platform and its features. Starting from March 2021 Aeroji will leave the playground phase and switch to the operational phase with real assets in the database. “The platform is evolving but nothing has changed regarding any interested professionals, please be welcome to join at any time during the Beta phase.”, repeats Dimitri Martel. Moreover, Aeroji sets itself up for future functionalities and strives for supporting the MRO community with tailormade processes. Therefore, MRO professionals are welcome to join the platform as well. The platform will benefit from the growth and provide continuously more value with growing network.

About Aeroji
Aeroji is a startup based in Berlin/Germany that develops a social marketplace platform for aero engine trading and leasing: Aeroji aims to digitize the aero engine procurement process including contracting and technical due diligence. The vision is a world in which the aviation industry meets at eye level and does business as easy as booking a flight. Please visit for more information.