On Wednesday, February 24, 2021, Aerocircular welcomed the first of seven A320 aircraft from Lufthansa Group to be dismantled at the International Airport Ostend-Bruges, Belgium.

Lufthansa resolutely opts for Aerocircular’s business model, which aims to reuse all materials originating from aircraft in the most sustainable and ecological way possible, as opposed to the ‘traditional’ method of demolition.

Lufthansa and Aerocircular concluded a deal to dismantle 7 Airbus 320 in the coming months. The first aircraft D-AIPP arrived last Wednesday from Spain and the last is expected to land mid-May 2021. All aircraft have served over 20 years for Lufthansa.

The aircraft will be dismantled in our sustainable hangar at the International Airport Ostend – Bruges. The expected arrival of 7 aircraft will require the recruitment of 5 to 8 additional employees.

People interested in bringing their talent to our company, please forward your contact details along with a curriculum vitae and a short letter of intent. Take a look at the job-descriptions on our website www.aerocircular.green and send your application to jobs@aerocircular.green

Quote Koen Staut, ceo Aerocircular

“Aerocircular is proud to accelerate its activities at the Ostend Airport.  Post Covid19 will bring new opportunities for our business.  When the aviation will take on again, a lot of airlines will rejuvenate their fleet. Aerocircular offers the best return in value for end-of-life aircraft. Our new circular and business approach is open to all leasing companies and fleet owners.”