DUBLIN – 9th February, 2021 – Aerlytix Ltd, the Dublin-based aviation finance technology specialist, today announced a new partnership with FlightAware, the global provider of flight information and insights, that delivers a new and innovative automated fleet monitoring solution – the Aerlytix Alert Tracker.

The Aerlytix solution has been developed by the company in Dublin for the global aviation financing industry using FlightAware’s AeroAPI, a query-based engine for accessing real-time, historical and predictive aviation information. By offering access to detailed flight information, the Aerlytix Alert Tracker drives sounder metrics-based decision making.

As part of its cutting-edge technology platform, which provides industry-leading analytics, the Aerlytix Alert Tracker enables clients to gain a thorough understanding of the performance of any aircraft where the client has an interest.

Alan Doyle, CEO, Aerlytix, said: “Working with FlightAware data gives us the confidence that our clients are getting the best flight data on the market. We are delighted to collaborate with FlightAware on technology solutions that drive simplification by providing quality analytics, processes and controls to clients. Aerlytix is transforming aviation financing with disruptive technology, and our partnership with FlightAware is central to this.”  

Daniel Baker, CEO, FlightAware, said: “Aerlytix’s use of FlightAware’s AeroAPI™ data to power decisions made by the aviation financing industry is in lock-step with our goal of providing actionable insights through the data we synthesize. By putting the right information in the hands of decision-makers, the tool created through our partnership with Aerlytix offers a unique strategic advantage to users.”

Using an ‘exception-based’ methodology, the solution enables Aerlytix clients to maintain excellent processes and controls when monitoring fleets, whether they are managed/owned, part of an ABS (Asset Backed Security) or specific fund. The solution automatically distributes current fleet information to risk, compliance and commercial professionals without the need for creating manual reports.

The Aerlytix Alert Tracker automatically alerts clients when their aircraft have not flown for a specified period, when aircraft are flying again or when aircraft have flown into a jurisdiction of interest.

As well as providing near-live outputs and analytics, the Aerlytix Alert Tracker simplifies processes through automation whilst delivering productivity wins by freeing up resources to work on other value-added activities.

Customers such as Jackson Square Aviation’s Chief Technical Officer, Aidan Reynolds, have stated that “this new fleet monitoring solution works really well for us, and the implementation was quick and simple.”

Working with FlightAware, Aerlytix looks forward to delivering additional transformative technology over the coming months to ensure its clients are fully benefitting from the transparency that this software and data provides.