26 September 2023 – Dublin, Ireland: Aergo Capital Ltd. (Aergo) has successfully completed the sale of one (1) CF6-80E engine, to Halcyon Aviation Capital LLC (Halcyon).

Fred Browne, Chief Executive Officer of Aergo commented: “We are pleased to announce the sale of one (1) CF6-80E engine to Halcyon and to have completed our first transaction with this excellent counterpart. A special thanks to all those involved is completing this deal.”

Patrice Robinet, Managing Director of Halcyon commented: “Halcyon is pleased to have worked with Aergo on the acquisition of a CF6-80E, which we have leased to a European flag carrier, as we continue to grow our engine leasing fleet. We appreciate the professionalism, agility and collaboration of the Aergo team. We look forward to strengthening this relationship and working with Aergo on future opportunities.”