23 August 2023 – Dublin, Ireland: Aergo Capital Limited (“Aergo”) has completed the sale of one (1) Airbus A321-231 aircraft bearing manufacturer serial number (MSN) 2653 to BBAM. This aircraft is currently on lease to British Airways.

Fred Browne, Chief Executive Officer of Aergo, commented: “We are pleased to announce the successful sale of this A321-231 aircraft to BBAM, with lease attached to British Airways. A special thanks to all those who were involved in completing this transaction. We look forward to continuing our superb relationship with both BBAM and British Airways in the future.”

Steve Zissis, President and Chief Executive Officer of BBAM, commented: “BBAM is delighted to have worked with Aergo to add this Airbus A321-231 aircraft to our managed fleet, and to expand our strong and longstanding partnership with British Airways.”