DUBLIN, June 20, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Aergen Aviation Finance, Ltd ("Aergen") has launched a new website that reflects the maturing of their business from start-up to established company. The new site—which can be found at the URL aergen.com—features more information, including biographies of several recent additions to the Aergen management team.

"Both the infusion of new talent and the new website will help us better serve our growing customer base and constituents," says Chief Executive Officer Robert Genise. "Originally, we focused on introducing the company and our philosophy. Now, we are focused on day-to-day operation, securing the future and providing clients with the aircraft, services and practical information they need."

The change in priorities is evident in the language of the two homepages. While the original announced "a new kind of aircraft leasing company," the new one is anchored by the phrase "leasing solutions for mid- to late-life aircraft." Other changes include the addition of information regarding the 22-plane Aergen fleet, services, asset management and their engine part-out solutions subsidiary, Avioserv.

Aergen is an aircraft leasing and engine parts management company established in December 2014 by Greenbrier equity group in partnership with other strategic co-investors and a management team with decades of experience at some of the largest leasing companies in the world.

Additional information is available at www.aergen.com