AerFin E170, MSN 17000123 completed its full heavy maintenance and transition check at Atitech MRO in Naples and will be positioned with BeyondPool™ support program.

The EASA-compliant aircraft, part of the 15 E170LR aircraft purchased by AerFin from Saudi Arabian Airlines, completed its heavy maintenance check on time and within budget as part of AerFin’s drive to place the E170 aircraft with its BeyondPool™ program, thus lowering the EJet maintenance cost to airlines. The aircraft, which is under LOI negotiation, is the first of seven to be remarketed for sale or lease. It has attracted significant interest from airlines seeking to increase their regional 70- to 80-seat capacity with the competitive advantage of the AerFin program. The AerFin program provides guaranteed flight hour costs and rotable pool program support, including support for the APS2300 APU and the CF34-8E engines.

In commemorating the aircraft’s completion, AerFin and Atitech co-hosted an event at the Atitech MRO facility in Naples. AerFin welcomed many of its key strategic partners, suppliers, OEMs and customers who continue to support AerFin delivering EJet aftermarket services.

“Atitech has provided AerFin with significant flexibility and support during the bridge check to fully meet EASA requirements and we’re very pleased to bring these aircraft to the market,” said Bob James, CEO of AerFin. “This is one more step toward growing our presence as a lessor and leading EJet aftermarket Pool program provider in offering the E170 in varying configurations from 66 to 76 seat capacity."

Mr Gianni Lettieri, Atitech CEO, added, “we are proud to contribute to the EJet business development of AerFin within aircraft leasing, and with Atitech’s proven experience and knowledge we look forward to seeing AerFin bring a much-needed, high-quality product to the market.”