US-based Lessor’s 737-NG Fleet Expansion Continues

CHICAGO, July 2, 2024 - Aircraft Engine Lease Finance, Inc (“AELF”) announced it has leased a Boeing 737-800 to South Africa’s FlySafair. The aircraft, MSN 36548, marks the latest addition to FlySafair's fleet, which is comprised heavily of this type. 

“We’re thrilled to see this aircraft in operation with FlySafair. My team and I closely oversee every step of the pre-delivery maintenance process and we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality aircraft to our valued lessees,” said Jim Nazarkewich, Head of Technical Services for AELF. 

Recently acquired from Airborne Capital Limited, the aircraft is one of several 737-800s recently acquired and leased by AELF as the company actively expands its new-gen fleet.

“Expanding our presence in the 737-NG market is precisely in line with our strategic objectives,” said Joe Cirillo, Head of Global Marketing for AELF.  “We look forward to a broader cooperation with the great group at FlySafair.”

“Structuring the right leasing deals is imperative to maintaining our cost advantage in the markets we contest. We’ve appreciated AELF’s efforts to align with our needs,” said Kirby Gordon, Chief Marketing Officer for FlySafair.