Aircraft Engine Lease Finance, Inc ("AELF") announced today that it leased a recently acquired Boeing 737-8AL to Canadian carrier, Air North, Yukon's Airline, the first of this type for the airline.

"We couldn't be happier about adding Air North to our client base," said Joe Cirillo, Head of Global Marketing for AELF. "The airline has a strong operation which provides critical air infrastructure to the communities of the Yukon territories, in addition to having a rich history and a wonderful culture. We're honored to work with Joe Sparling and his team to play a role in Air North's growth and continued prosperity."

The long-standing carrier commenced operations in the Yukon in 1977 and has served the area consistently for more than 45 years. Over the years, the Air North fleet has expanded from single-engine aircraft in its infancy, to turboprops in the 1980s and '90s, to 737 classics beginning in the early 2000s. AELF leased the first New Gen aircraft into the airline, marking an important milestone.

"With today's increasing focus on the environment, moving ahead to Next Generation Boeing 737s is a significant step for us. Passengers will be impressed by the contemporary, comfortable cabin, and the fuel efficiency and other cost savings will help us to deliver a great product at a fair price for years to come," said Joseph Sparling, CEO and co-founder of Air North.