CHICAGO, April 10, 2024 – Aircraft Engine Lease Finance, Inc (“AELF”) announced today its acquisition of Boeing 737-8AL serial number 37960 from Saroja Aviation, Limited.

“We are thrilled to welcome this aircraft into our portfolio as we seek to expand our presence in the 737-800 market,” said Joe Cirillo, Head of Global Marketing for AELF. “Expanding our presence in the narrowbody market diversifies our fleet and enables us to take advantage of current market opportunities.”

The company, which owns a fleet of A330-200s, has been actively investing in the narrowbody market in recent months, acquiring 737-800s to place on long term operating lease.

“Some of our strengths have always been our nimbleness and technical competency. We’re willing to look at unique opportunities from which other lessors may shy away,” Cirillo said. “But our current focus is squarely on building out our leased fleet of narrowbody aircraft, with our primary focus on 737-800s.”

Previously based in Puerto Rico, AELF domesticated its operations to the US in 2021 and now operates from offices in Chicago and Miami.