US-based Lessor Continues New Gen Fleet Expansion

CHICAGO, May 29, 2024 – Aircraft Engine Lease Finance, Inc (“AELF”) announced today its acquisition of Boeing 737-8AL serial number 36548, an aircraft serviced by Airborne Capital Limited (“Airborne Capital”).

“This aircraft is a welcome addition to our fleet and is right in line with our strategic objectives of expanding our presence in the 737-800 market,” said Joe Cirillo, AELF’s Head of Global Marketing.

“Airborne Capital has been a great counterparty and we appreciate having had the opportunity to transact with their team.”

AELF has been on a campaign to acquire 737-800s in recent months. The company recently announced that it secured a $40 million credit facility, aimed at fleet growth with this asset type, as well as the lease of one of the aircraft to Canada’s Air North.

“Airborne Capital would like to congratulate AELF on their successful acquisition of this aircraft,” said Eugene Lui, one of Airborne Capital’s Founding Partners. “We would also like to thank the AELF team for their flexibility and creative solutions, which were key in bringing this transaction to a close.”