If the recent and severe snowstorm in Buffalo, New York has taught us anything, it is that winter is fast approaching in North America and forecasted to be the most severe in over a decade. The AEI B737-800SF is well positioned to serve cargo airlines flying in Alaska and the Canadian North. With over 64 years of experience designing, testing, building, and delivering narrowbody freighter conversions around the world, all of AEI’s products have been thoughtfully engineered to handle the harshest environments. From the scorching heat of the Middle East to the frozen territories of Northern Canada, the design and performance of the AEI B737-800SF is like no other.

“We often mention AEI’s forward-thinking design in our messaging and cold weather operations is just one example of the many aspects we have thoroughly thought about for the benefit of our customers,” remarked, Eric Wildhagen, AEI’s vice president of engineering. “Additionally, we can convert any 737-800 aircraft, including those with Flat Aft Pressure Bulkheads and Split Scimitar winglets and are laser-focused on obtaining myriad global aviation authority approvals to ensure our customers have no limitations with our B737-800SF freighter conversion.”

AEI recently announced two additional aviation authority approvals, Malaysia, and Indonesia. The company expects to receive additional STC approvals in the coming weeks to further support the ease of placement for AEI’s leasing customers.