Aeronautical Engineers, Inc. (AEI) announces today the company will provide Austin-based, Aero Capital Solutions (ACS), with seven (7) additional B737-800SF freighter conversions. This news follows an AEI announcement in January 2021 providing ACS with 10 additional B737-800SFs. As a leading lessor of mid-life aircraft and engines, ACS will have a total of twenty-one AEI B737-800SF freighter conversions once this order is complete.

The first aircraft of this order will commence modification in January 2022 and will be performed by the authorized AEI Conversion Center, Commercial Jet, located in Miami, Florida.

The AEI converted B737-800SF freighter offers a main deck payload of up to 52,700 lbs. (23,904 kg) and incorporates eleven full height 88” x 125” container positions, plus an additional position for an AEP/AEH. The conversion also incorporates new floor beams aft of the wing box, a large 86” x 137” Main Cargo Door with a single vent door system.

AEI’s forward-thinking design allows for containers to be loaded into the aircraft a full 16.5” aft of the forward door jamb, ensuring ground operators have sufficient maneuvering room which minimizes potential door and aircraft strikes. Additionally, the AEI B737-800SF includes a flexible Ancra Cargo Loading System, a rigid 9g barrier, five supernumerary seats as standard, a galley, and full lavatory.

When combined with proven reliability, the AEI converted B737-800SF will allow ACS and their lessees to keep their aircraft in the air, generating revenue.