AEGEAN AIRLINES S.A. (“the Company”) hereby announces that on today’s Bondholders Meeting of the Common Bond Loan (CBL) of €200m pursuant to the Board of Directors invitation of March 10, 2021, the required quorum for the meeting to convene and decide on the single item on the agenda was not reached as bondholders representing less than 20% of the outstanding principal of the CBL were present.

In accordance with the terms of the CBL Programme and the published invitation, the Repeat Meeting of the Bondholders of the CBL will be held on Tuesday March 30, 2021 at 12:00 noon exclusively by electronic means, to discuss and decide on the single item of the agenda, without the publication of a new invitation.

According to the published invitation, bondholders with the right to participate and vote in the Repeat Meeting of 30.03.2021 are those who are included in the records of the Dematerialised Securities System (DSS) managed by the company “Hellenic Central Securities Depository S.A.” (HCSD) at the beginning of the third (3rd) business day before the date of the initial Meeting (Record Date), namely 19.03.2021, without blocking of their bonds being required.