AEGEAN AIRLINES S.A. (“the Company”) hereby announces that on today’s Repeat Bondholders Meeting of the Common Bond Loan (CBL) of €200m which was held exclusively by electronic means, without the physical presence of the bondholders or their proxies, due to the urgency and as part of the preventive measures against the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus pursuant to the Board of Directors invitation of March 10, 2021, 143 bondholders were present, representing 66,394 bonds and respective voting rights of total 20,000 bonds, ie 33.2% of the CBL outstanding capital. Thus, and in accordance with the terms of the CBL, the required quorum was reached and the meeting validly discussed and decided on the single item of the agenda as follows:

Approval by the bondholders of the CBL of the amendments to the Common Bond Loan Programme of up to €200,000,000, as approved by the decision of the Company’s Board of Directors dated 22.02.2019 (the “CBL Programme”), outlined in the Invitation of the CBL bondholders, dated 10.03.2021, and provision of authorization to the Bondholders’ Agent to sign an agreement amending the CBL Programme.

Votes in favor: 66,116 (99.58%) Votes against: 0 (0.00%) Absent: 278 (0.42%)