Dublin – 22-01-2020: Acumen Aviation, a leading Aircraft Asset Management Services Company is delighted to release its 2019 Operational Review.

Acumen has continued to develop its capability as a complete asset management company. The operational review shows stability overall and includes the positive movement of some key company disciplines. Those in their ascendancy include asset appraisal services, which has grown threefold, and in particular, the number of assets valued for ABS, which has surged, quadrupling since 2018.

Acumen’s Digital arm has been rewarded through the sustained and increased growth of its popular asset management platform, SPARTA. This platform was launched as an enterprise model and was further expanded this year to offer a Pay-As-You-Go facility, which is beginning to show results.

Acumen’s technical asset management and data management support services remained stable. This activity included asset returns / transitions, aircraft inspections, and records management. CAMO has proved to be an excellent addition to the overall business offering, delivering seventeen projects and, although the engine management business has seen only a modest upturn, this a positive start for a still new vertical, given the competitiveness of the market.

Client share distribution and global footprint remain largely unaltered. However, Acumen’s growth in Asia-Pacific has more than tripled in the last year accounting for as much as 58% of activity and 23% of client share.

Full details of our 2019 Operational Review are included in the attached graph.