Dublin - 20-05-2022 - Acumen Aviation (“Acumen”), a global aircraft asset manager, announces the launch of its much-anticipated Online Asset Valuations application, fin-S.

Acumen’s team of certified appraisers and product experts have collaboratively developed this valuations application to enable users to derive asset values by simulating real life scenarios, all in a matter of few minutes.

Aircraft leasing and financing relies on the availability of accurate and most up-to-date asset values. Time is critical when trading aviation assets in a dynamic marketplace. However, appraisers usually provide valuation services through offline mechanisms which are time-consuming. fin-S is here to solve this challenge.

Acumen’s Chief Technical Officer - Digital, Ameya Gore stated “fin-S perfectly integrated our in-house appraisal expertise with digital product competency into a reliable solution for the aviation finance community. Through fin-S, users can compute aircraft valuations online and make informed decisions promptly. fin-S is designed to bring agility and efficiency to Acumen’s Valuation Services business which benefits our customers directly. Our product roadmap has more exciting features which will further expand SPARTA capabilities coming months.”

fin-S is an application within Acumen’s asset management platform, SPARTA , a suite of cloud-based aviation products delivered through Software as a Service (SaaS) to support the aviation community. Using SPARTA, enterprises can effortlessly manage leases, mitigate commercial risk, execute projects, maintain digitized records and compute aircraft valuations online.