ACIA Aero Leasing (“ACIA”), a leading provider of regional aircraft leasing and lease management services, announced today the expansion of its partnership with Angola-based Bestfly Worldwide (“Bestfly”) during a media event held ahead of Dubai Airshow 2021.

The companies agreed to the lease of two aircraft, one Embraer E-190 and one ATR 72-600, which are joining the other two ATR72-600s on lease from ACIA in the carrier’s fleet. ACIA and Bestfly also agreed to further expand the E-190 lease portfolio in 2022.

“Over the last five years, Bestfly has continued to grow into a ‘best-in-class’ operator for the African market. They have been a great customer and we are very happy to continue our support for them with the addition of these two aircraft, including the introduction of their first crossover jet, the E-190,” said ACIA Aero Leasing Chief Executive Officer Mick Mooney. “This is the start of the second phase of our portfolio growth with Bestfly, and we hope to add further regional jet and turboprop aircraft through 2022 and beyond.”

The E-190 aircraft will provide Bestfly with the capacity it needs to expand its business and support its key business markets. This is the first crossover jet in ACIA’s commercial portfolio and the first E-190 for Bestfly as both companies expand the scope of their respective activities in the African market.

Nuno Pereira, Chief Executive Officer of Bestfly, commented: “This is a very proud moment as we add our first commercial crossover jet to our fleet to expand our operational growth. Thanks to ACIA for their continued support and trust in Bestfly as we add the capabilities of the Embraer to enable longer flights with additional passengers and open new routes. This is not just a lessor-lessee relationship but a journey we are taking together with ACIA. Therefore, we are also happy to announce that Bestfly is engaged with ACIA for up to four more E-190s as we look ahead at further growth in Africa.”

Sameer Adam, ACIA Senior Vice President, Commercial, added: “The expansion of our portfolio into the E-190 is a demonstration of ACIA’s commitment to growth and meeting the demands of our customers by offering larger regional jet aircraft to complement our significant fleet of turboprops and smaller regional jets. Executing on our commercial strategy allows us to support world class operators like Bestfly as they grow and diversify their fleets.”