Dublin, Ireland, 20 June 2023 – ABL Aviation, a global independent aircraft investment management firm, is pleased to announce that it has recently delivered the fourth new Airbus A220-300 on a long-term lease to Air France on behalf of ABL Aviation's Japanese partner through a Japanese operating lease (JOL) structure. This aircraft is the fourth A220 family unit delivered under the same structure to Air France with seven more deliveries planned in 2023 and 2024.

ABL Aviation and Air France have placed a strong emphasis on their commitment to sustainability through the selection of the Airbus A220 aircraft, and this dedication has been exemplified by the successful conclusion of their first mandate. The remarkable achievement of this collaboration is underpinned by substantial fuel savings and a reduced environmental footprint, both of which play pivotal roles in advancing the cause of sustainable aviation. By prioritising the Airbus A220, ABL Aviation and Air France are actively contributing to a more environmentally conscious and sustainable future for the aviation industry.

Commenting on the delivery, Ali Ben Lmadani, CEO of ABL Aviation, said: "With the delivery of the fourth A220 to Air France, we are delighted to mark the completion of the first four aircraft deliveries to the airline. I am optimistic that our long-term collaboration with Air France KLM Group will be further strengthened with the delivery of seven additional aircraft scheduled for later this year and in 2024. " In addition, he stated, "This transaction demonstrates our commitment to Air France and all our partners to provide them with customised solutions and financing for sustainability and improved environmental impact from new generation aircraft to support their growth objectives."

With a 10% lower seat cost than the A318 and A319, the A220 offers exceptional energy efficiency, consuming 20% less fuel and reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 20%. This aligns with Air France's ambitious goals, including a 30% reduction in CO2 emissions per passenger kilometre by 2030 compared to 2019. The A220 selection represents a significant step towards a greener future in aviation.