Abelo, a leading lessor specialised in the turboprop segment, is delighted to announce the lease of a new ATR 42-600 aircraft with Maldivian (Island Aviation Services Limited). This lease agreement, facilitated through a sale and leaseback transaction, stems from the airline’s current order of four ATR 42-600 aircraft with ATR. Renowned for its fuel efficiency and reduced environmental impact, the ATR 42-600 aligns seamlessly with Maldivian's goals of reducing emissions and enhancing operational efficiency.

This aircraft acquisition is part of Maldivian's broader fleet renewal program aimed at replacing aging aircraft and expanding regional connectivity. Scheduled to enter service in May, with the remainder of the order scheduled for delivery between 2024 and 2025, the ATR 42-600 joins a series of strategic acquisitions aimed at improving operational capabilities and minimizing environmental impact.

Ibrahim Iyas, Managing Director of Maldivian said: “With the upcoming addition of our second ATR 42-600 to our fleet, we are set to further elevate the passenger experience and enhance our operational reliability. This aircraft, renowned for its advanced technology and comfort, promises smoother and quieter flights and the highest standards of service. The new ATR aircraft in our fleet ensures increased reliability and on-time performance, crucial for maintaining seamless connectivity in our domestic services across the Maldives. This strategic acquisition underlines our unwavering commitment to passenger satisfaction and operational excellence as we continue to modernize and expand our services.”

"With this latest transaction, we are proud to strengthen our partnership with Maldivian and support their vision for sustainable aviation," said Stephen Gorman, CEO at Abelo. "The ATR 42-600 is not only well-suited to the unique challenges of operating in the Maldives' island environment but also aligns with our shared commitment to environmental stewardship”

Alexis Vidal, SVP Commercial of ATR, added: ”The ATR is the ideal choice for forward-thinking organisations committed to a more sustainable future, and this agreement marks another milestone in our successful collaboration with both Abelo and Maldivian. With this highly efficient and cost-effective aircraft, Maldivian will continue to connect the archipelago with seamless air travel, empowering communities and unlocking new economic and social opportunities.”

Maldivian's decision to invest in the ATR 42-600 underscores the aircraft's versatility and reliability in serving thin routes and navigating challenging conditions. By prioritizing sustainability and operational efficiency, Maldivian is setting new standards for responsible air travel in the region.

Abelo remains committed to supporting ATR and Maldivian in its journey towards sustainable aviation and looks forward to further collaboration in the future.