Abelo is pleased to announce the successful completion of lease agreements for two new ATR72- 600 aircraft with SKY express. The first aircraft has been delivered on January 15, 2024, while the second one is anticipated for delivery by March 2024 and mark the initial pair from Abelo's substantial ATR orderbook of thirty aircraft.

The longstanding partnership between Abelo and SKY express spanning nearly a decade, has further strengthened and broadened the ties between the two partners. The latest agreement concluded with Abelo under its new organizational structure and leadership led into the introduction of these two state-of-the-art aircraft into the SKY express fleet. Following these additions, the company’s older fleet is replaced underscoring SKY express’s commitment to bolstering its regional market presence in Greece.

“We are excited to continue our fleet renewal along with the ongoing partnership between SKY express and Abelo. This upgrade introduces two new ATR72-600 aircraft into our state-of-the-art fleet, supplementing those previously announced at the beginning of 2024. Our fleet will now include 14 ATRs, of which 10 are brand-new ATR72-600 model. This expansion reflects our confidence in the sustainable growth of the Greek regional market in the coming years and underscores our commitment to reducing our environmental footprint. Our efforts to standardize our fleet are evident, as we strive to provide our customers with the best possible experience while meeting our ambitious decarbonization goals. The positive outcomes of our strategic decisions are poised to yield significant benefits for our passengers, the SKY express team, our partners and all our stakeholders”, commented Captain Konstantinos Iliakis, CEO at SKY express.

"We are delighted by the robust demand for new turboprop aircraft and are thrilled to continue our long-standing partnership with the SKY express team. The incorporation of the ATR72-600 with the new XT engines aligns seamlessly with SKY express' strategy of expanding its environmentally conscious fleet," stated Stephen Gorman, CEO of Abelo.

Having launched in June 2022, Abelo swiftly secured an order for 10 ATR72-600 and 10 ATR42- 600S from ATR, which was later confirmed with a subsequent deal for another 10 firm ATR72-600. Abelo is also the launch customer for ATR's innovative new STOL variant of the ATR42.