Abelo is delighted to announce the lease of a new ATR72-600 aircraft with Olympic Air, a member of the AEGEAN Group. This aircraft was just delivered to Olympic Air and is the third from Abelo's significant order of thirty aircraft with ATR. This strategic addition will bolster Olympic Air’s efforts to expand its regional influence in Greece.

Since 2013, Olympic Air has been an integral part of the AEGEAN Group, primarily managing the group's island and domestic routes. The airline serves over 30 destinations within Greece, contributing to the group's extensive network of 165 destinations both domestically and internationally.

Launched in June 2022, with the goal of becoming the “go-to” lessor in the turboprop sector, a unique niche within the regional aviation sector, Abelo secured an order for 10 ATR72-600 aircraft from ATR and reaffirmed an order for 10 ATR42-600S aircraft, positioning itself as the launch customer for ATR's new STOL (Short Take Off and Landing) variant of the ATR42. By November 2023, Abelo expanded its orderbook with another 10 ATR72-600 aircraft, underscoring its growth ambitions.