AB Aviation (Moroni, Comoros) and Heston Airlines (Vilnius, Lithuania) have announced a cooperation to develop new routes from Paris, France to Moroni, Comoros to create connectivity options for the domestic travellers and international tourists.

New Route from Paris to Moroni. The cooperation between AB Aviation and Heston Airlines enables sustainable international growth for both companies. Travel and tourism this and upcoming year is expected to surpass pre-pandemic levels, the companies are preparing for a future where Comoros is integrated to the international travel network. Comoros has white sand beaches, clear seas and volcanic landscapes – but also offers cultural riches, with a blend of Arab, African and French influences.

Heston Airlines is set to provider state of the art EASA registered Airbus A330-200 aircraft having 266 seats where 18 are business class with full flat beds and 248 spacious economy seats.