Beaverton, OR., October 16th, 2023 – 321 Precision Conversions is pleased to announce the Civil Aviation Administration of China validated the A321-200PCF freighter conversion STC ST02716SE as VSTC1084. This certification further validates the Precision design and enables the most fuel efficient A321-200 freighter conversion to operate in China. The first aircraft MSN 1926 was inducted by SAID. The modification and maintenance activities were accomplished by SMECO. This Aircraft is expected to be redelivered to Sichuan Airlines in November. Sichuan Airlines will be the first A321 freighter operator in China and will utilize the 321 Precision Conversions modification. 

Zach Young, Director of Sales and Marketing at 321 Precision Conversions, shares his enthusiasm about this milestone: “We are excited to celebrate this milestone in the worldwide certification process as the first A321 conversion STC to obtain CAAC approval. The CAAC has determined that our A321 cargo conversion has met stringent safety and technical certification standards.”

The fully supported A321-200PCF exceeds expectations by providing (14) A-Code 88 x 125-inch main deck positions and (10) ULD positions in the lower hold when equipped. Capability is increased by optimizing the operating empty weight (OEW) rather than imposing costly weight upgrades. No permanent ballast installation in the aft main deck yields a lower fuel burn, lower carbon footprint, friendly CG, and higher standard payload. The 321 Precision Conversions STC is applicable to both V2500 and CFM engine variants and multiple thrust ratings.