Yesterday evening, another Embraer aircraft took off on its initial flight OS 549 from Vienna to Bologna. The Embraer featuring the registration number OE-LWP is the 16th of a total of 17 aircraft of this type, which will join the Austrian Airlines fleet by the end of August 2017, thus successively replacing 21 Fokker jets.

The fleet renewal program from Fokker to Embraer enhances travel comfort: the cabin, which has a 2-2 seat configuration, is particularly spacious thanks to its ergonomic design and therefore offers passengers a feeling of enjoying more space. This is also shown by a recent survey among more than 3000 Embraer and Fokker passengers in the period from July 2016 to April 2017: 64.6 percent of Embraer passengers are very satisfied or satisfied with the Embraer jets, corresponding to an increase of 3.6 percentage points compared to Fokker passengers. Furthermore, the satisfaction figures regarding seating comfort and the condition of the cabin rose by 5.9 and 9.4 percentage points, due to the fleet replacement from Fokker to Embraer.